Makati Shangri-La Manila, Philippines

November 7-9, 2019

Advancing  Translational  Medicine  and  Collaborations  in  Genomics

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Pre-Conference Workshops

Wellcome Genome Campus: NGS Analysis for Genetic Diseases - Despite the growing body of next generation sequencing (NGS) data being generated, there remains limited capacity for analysis by scientists in some regions of Asia. This workshop aims to equip beginners with a working toolset to analyse and interpret data generated from NGS for identifying candidate causal variants.

Applications to the Wellcome Genome Campus pre-conference workshop now open

If you are attending the APCHG 2019, there is an opportunity for you to be selected to participate in the Wellcome Genome Campus NGS Analysis for Genetic Diseases. Please apply early as there are limited slots available. Click on this link:

3rd Genetic Counseling Preconference Workshop - The genetic counseling preconference workshop will bring together clinical and research genetic counselors, genetic counseling students and other health care providers interested in the genetic counseling profession. This workshop will promote ongoing collaboration for genetic counselor professional development and enhance genetic counseling training, as well as an opportunity to increase awareness and effectiveness on the provision of clinical genetic counseling services in Asia.

4th ASEAN Congress on Medical Biotechnology and Molecular Biosciences: Emerging Issues on Hemoglobinopathies in the Asia Pacific Region

Plenary Topics

  • Two Tales of Translational Genomics: Pediatric Genetics and Inherited Breast and Ovarian Cancer
  • Precision Medicine: Making Sense of DNA Variants
  • Oncogenomics: Closing the Cancer Gap
  • A Paradigm for Precision Public Health: Right Intervention at the Right Time
  • Organs on Chip: Microphysiological Systems to Advance Therapies for Rare Diseases and for Precision Medicine
  • Rare Are Common: How Rare Diseases Reveal Molecular Pathways for Common Disorders
  • Craniofacial Phenotyping in Diverse Populations: Insights from the Asian Populace
  • Gearing Up for the Phenomics Era

Simultaneous Symposia  Topics

  • Genetic Risk Assessment and Counseling in the Era of Genomics
  • Revolutionizing Newborn Screening: New Developments and New Dilemmas
  • Prenatal Genetics: How Genetic Technologies Are Shaping Reproductive Decision-Making
  • Hemoglobinopathies: Advances in Diagnosis and Innovative Therapeutics
  • Advances in the Diagnosis and Therapy of Inherited Metabolic Diseases
  • Discerning the Phenotypes of Genetic Disorders Through Next Generation Sequencing
  • Population Genetics: Genetic migration in Asia:  From Patterns to Predictions
  • Elucidating the Genetics of Complex Diseases: Where Are We Now?
  • Understanding Future Trends of Metagenomics, Proteomics and Metabolomics
  • Solving the Brain Enigma: The Value of Genomics in Neuropsychiatric Disorders
  • Lysosomal Storage Diseases: Towards an End to Diagnostic Odyssey and Improvement in Care
  • Disorders of Sexual Development: Integrating Clinical and Genetic Approaches

Charles Lee, South Korea

Mary Claire King, USA

Danilo Tagle, USA

Bruno Reversade, Singapore

Maximillian Muenke, USA

Kelly Ormond, USA

Mercy Laurino, USA

Carmencita Padilla, Philippines

Veronica Wiley, Australia

Nancy Chien, Taiwan

Brian Chung, Hong Kong

Juliana Lee, Malaysia

Kathy Leppig, USA

Suthat Fucharoen, Thailand

Joy Lee, Australia

MK Thong, Malaysia

John Christodolou, Australia

Lai Poh San, Singapore

David Sillence, Australia

Herawati Sudoyo, Indonesia

Benjamin Roa, USA

Leslie Dalmacio, Philippines

Dung Vu Chi, Vietnam

Ina Amarillo, USA

Sultana Faradz, Indonesia

Gerard Pals, Netherlands

Mark Seielstad, US

Martin Hibberd, UK

Everyone is invited to submit abstracts by June 7, 2019. Topics may be chosen from the following:

  • Lysosomal Storage Diseases: Towards an end to diagnostic odyssey and improvement in care
  • Revolutionizing newborn screening: New developments and new dilemmas
  • Prenatal Genetics: How genetic technologies are shaping reproductive decision-making
  • Understanding future trends of Metagenomics, Proteomics and Metabolomics
  • Discerning the phenotypes of genetic disorders through next generation sequencing
  • Solving the brain enigma: The value of genomics in neuropsychiatric disorders
  • Elucidating the genetics of complex diseases: Where are we now?
  • Advances in the diagnosis and therapy of inherited metabolic diseases
  • Population genetics: Genetic Migration in Asia: from patterns to predictions
  • Genetic Risk Assessment and Counseling in the Era of Genomics
  • Hemoglobinopathies: Advances in diagnosis and innovative therapeutics

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Deadline for Abstracts June 7, 2019

The conference will bring together an outstanding collection of about 500 presenters, students and other attendees from all over the world, with special emphasis on the Asia Pacific region.


We invite your organization to partner with the Institute of Human Genetics-National Institutes of Health Philippines, by sponsoring this highly-visible and influential conference.   Doing so will present a valuable opportunity for your company or agency to interact with key leaders and other stakeholders worldwide.



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About Makati City, Manila


Makati City is one of the most important cities in the Philippines in terms of finance and commerce. Situated east of the capital, Manila, Makati is one of the cities and municipalities that comprise Metro Manila - The National Capital Region. Makati is often referred to as the Financial Capital of the Philippines since many companies have their offices and headquarters in the city. Makati is also home to the influential Makati Business Club and the Philippine Stock Exchange. Ayala Avenue, running through the heart of the Central Business District is often called the Wall Street of the Philippines.


Makati came from the Tagalog word kati, which means tide. This primarily refers to the rise and ebb of the tide of the Pasig River on the city's northern border. The river drains into Manila Bay to the west. and it was also known as San Pedro Macati during the Spanish era.




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